International Jewry:
Mankind's #1 Enemy

There are 2 centers of highly concentrated political, economic, social and religious power in the world today. 1) London, England, the world's premiere global financial capital, specifically a one square mile area known as "the City", in the very heart of downtown London. 2) The second is the seat of global catholicism embedded within the City of Rome, Italy, home of the Pope of Rome. For all intents and purposes, this 109 acre parcel of land known as the Vatican, is the headquarters of Global Christianity.

Scripture suggests that these 2 dark powers and principalities are to be the power bases of both the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet of Revelations, respectively, in these End Times.

"The City" in London is ruled and run by International Jewry (i.e. the House of Rothschild), through which the jewish anti-christ is to emerge. The United Kingdom and the City of London, which has become the headquarters for International Jewry, is also the head of the emerging European Union- the Revived Roman Empire of Holy Scripture and the center for comtemporary One World Government.

From the Vatican, home of the Pope of Rome, will emerge the "False Prophet" of Revelations within the context of Global Christianity and the rise of the jewish anti-christ. The Vatican is also the historical head of the traditional Roman Empire of antiquity, playing a dual power and authoritative role in the Revived Roman Empire, again known as the European Union of today.

As it was the Roman Empire and International Jewry who defiled and condemned Jesus Christ to death in revelational history, so it is international jewry and temporal world "roman" governmental/religious authority that are to persecute the worldwide "body of Christ" in these last and evil days. The parallels are profound and prophetic, both in historical and contemporary context.

International Jewry encapsulates the 'spirit of anti-christ' like no other entity on Earth is capable of today. Responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions (if not billions) of innocent men, women and children in the 20th century- including the Nazi Holocaust of their fellow jews in World War 2- this temporal quasi-religious force in world affairs is the exact oppositional epitomy of everything the REAL Jesus Christ (himself a Jew) was, stood for and taught during his short tenure on Earth 2000 years ago.

Yet, in the interests of consolidating total global control and authority in the move towards One World Government, international jewry will coopt (using the negative dialectic of the Roman Catholic/Christian Church) to duplicate and counterfeit a "Christ" of its own creation- having originally rejected the original- so as to secure supreme subservience, submission and worship of the global jewish/christian messiah authority figure they will need and soon establish in world affairs as history soon draws to its close.

From 'the City' of London, the very heart of International Jewry and consolidated political, economic, social and religious power, will emerge the Jewish Anti-Christ, himself the direct spawn of contemporary organized International Jewry .... Mankind's #1 Enemy.


Jonas the Prophet
London, England
European Union


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